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Intuitive Collage

This 8-week expressive arts group focuses on connecting with one's inner intuition. Participants will create a series of collage cards to help them tap into their subconscious behaviors and thought patterns, evoke clarity into their wants and needs and give direction on how to bring fulfillment to their internal system.

Registration Required.

SymmeTRY Skills

This 6-week skills-building group gives participants tools so that they may better manage stress, overwhelming emotions, intrusive thoughts, and more.  A mix of movement, sensory activities, creative arts and meditation, this group teaches adult participants how to bring calmness to their minds and bodies.

Registration Required.

Remother & Recover

This 6-week group is for adult daughters of narcissistic mothers who wish to heal from years of emotional abuse and neglect and build a better relationship with themselves. Free yourself from self-criticism, feelings of emptiness, anxiety, depression, and difficulty trusting others or yourself. Increase your confidence, build your self-respect, and finally break the cycle of toxic behaviors for a more positive future.


Registration Required. 

Beyond The Veil

This weekly support group is for those effected by the loss of a spouse. Help yourself heal and find comfort around those that share your pain. Honor the memory of your partner and your marriage while learning how to create a life after loss in a safe and respectful place.

No registration, no commitment.

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