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Army Boots


For Military Veterans

Join The Symmetry Squad

Let’s face it, the VA can leave more than a little to be desired when it comes to caring for veterans' mental health and most civilian clinicians don’t understand the unique needs and culture of the military.


At Symmetry of Self Counseling Center, we believe the answer lies in more clinicians who are also military veterans working in the private sector. We believe that veteran clinicians in private practice who are passionate about helping their fellow military brothers and sisters with their mental health needs can offer a level of support, understanding, and privacy that few can match. Who better to support these men and women than those who have come before?


With a holistic approach geared toward both the client AND the clinician, Symmetry offers clients and post-grad clinicians an environment that supports the mind-body connection through evidence-based interventions and benefits.


Symmetry’s core values (Creativity, Camaraderie, Compassion, and Commitment) are not just what we expect to serve our clients, but also what we bring to our staff.


We are looking to offer our squad flexible hours, a hybrid (in-person and telehealth) schedule, free clinical supervision, education/training stipends, assorted wellness benefits, as well as a competitive rate, sick time, vacation time, and more!


If you’re interested in joining the squad, and you like the idea of learning and growing in a highly organized, detail-oriented, education-focused, and wellness-committed environment with a supervisor who leads from the front, get that resume ready and apply today!

If you ask people in the military what makes them willing to sacrifice themselves for each other, the answer may surprise you. It’s not God or country…it's LOVE. In business we have colleagues and co-workers, in the military, they have brothers and sisters. Bonds like that inspire people to do remarkable things for each other.

-Simon Sinek

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