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"I've learned that what has a good beginning needs also a good ending." 




Image by Yulia Gadalina

At Symmetry of Self Counseling Center, we believe that every clinician has a legacy of healing to protect and honor, a legacy that should continue on long after they are gone to ensure that their clients are supported in the next leg of their therapeutic journey.


Because of this, Symmetry of Self is proud to offer professional will executor services for clinicians practicing in the United States. With these services, clinicians in private practice can rest assured that their clients will have support and options for continued care in the event of their death.

Oftentimes, family members get assigned as the executor to the estate and, if they aren't already in the field of psychotherapy, they would not know the intricacies of protected health information, counseling ethics, or the referral sources needed to help your clients continue their treatment and feel supported during this difficult time.  Your grieving family, friends, and colleagues may not be able to hold space for your clients while they themselves are grieving. They also may not understand the delicate and intimate nature of the client-counselor relationship or understand how to best handle your client's therapeutic future. 


Let our certified grief specialist and business-savvy clinician take care of it! Symmetry of Self will transition your clients to the next leg of their therapeutic journey and help to close down your business.

As the practice executor, Symmetry of Self will:

  • Notify your clients of your passing with compassion and understanding while supporting healthy grief and self-expression.

  • Give your clients several referral sources for continued care in-line with their treatment needs, insurance policy, and therapeutic approach preferences.

  • Handle the transfer and safekeeping of protected health information documents and other information while maintaining HIPAA standards.

  • Notify your liability company, insurance companies, EHR, phone/fax services, and other business associates to close down listings, subscriptions, and policies.

  • Notify the state and close down your professional Tax ID.

Let us ensure the future treatment and success of your clients and help to facilitate the discontinuation of your business with empathy, ethics, and earnestness at heart.

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