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Specialized Individual Counseling

Veterans &

First Responders

Owned and operated by a military veteran, Symmetry of Self understands the unique needs of those who have protected the country.  With emphasis on building camaraderie and trust, Symmetry of Self's mission is to provide a safe and reliable environment to help warriors transition to civilian life, recover from their professional experiences and work to prevent the build-up of stress in their lives.

Sexual Assault

Symmetry of Self helps survivors of sexual assault to manifest a greater purpose and reclaim their lives.  Therapy can help to bridge the gap between our minds and bodies and help to update our system that may still be stuck in our past experiences.  You will be able to finally create a healthy sense of self, empowered to take on the world.

Adults Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Symmetry of Self supports adults in exploring the impacts of childhood neglect and abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) on their self-esteem and relationships. From being raised by a narcissistic parent to the developmental impacts of corporal discipline, Symmetry helps survivors of childhood abuse on the path of self-compassion and recovery to find healing and build resiliency.

Grief & Loss

Symmetry of Self is able to create a peaceful, supportive and compassionate space that allows for the reconnection of the relationship with a lost loved one.  From the loss of a family member to the death of a pet, learn how to rebuild and redefine your life after loss while honoring your emotions, your memories, and their stories.

Get Mindful

The Therapy Sidekick is designed to help people in therapy track their progress, prioritize their needs, and remember their insights on a weekly basis. Created by a licensed professional counselor, The Therapy Sidekick is a tool meant to build mindfulness and develop one's inner intuition for an empowering boost to the therapeutic experience.

Get organized, get insightful, and get the most out of therapy

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