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The Sound of Music | The Symmetry Sessions
Symmetry of Self Counseling Center

The Sound of Music | The Symmetry Sessions

In this episode, I talk to Stuart Lynd, licensed professional counselor and board-certified music therapist, about the transformative and healing powers of music and its positive benefits to our mental and physical health. To get connected to Stu Lynd, LPC, MT-BC visit ( or ( To find out more about Heather's practice visit ( Space Force | Kokomo Scene ( Sara Bareilles - Sweet As Whole (Official Audio) ( Sara Bareilles - Uncharted (Director's Cut) ( Why Sad Songs Make Us Feel Good ​ (,of%20meaningless%2C%20and%20reduce%20anxiety.) Music: Bridging Memories for People With Alzheimer's ( To be a guest on The Symmetry Sessions visit ( Support the show ( Episode link: (video made with
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