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"Balance, symmetry, and simplicity are ready to heal your painful disproportions; you are meant for completeness."

Bryant McGill


Symmetry of Self Counseling Center believes that the alignment of the mind and body can be a person's greatest asset in adapting and overcoming any negative situation. We believe that the mind and body can be re-calibrated through therapy and that tuning in to our inner warrior can help us through the hardships of life.  Symmetry of Self understands how difficult it can be to start the counseling process and how vital it is to find the right counselor for the job. We believe that, with the right guide, and with tools that reinstate balance, symmetry, and synchronicity, together we can weather any storm.    


Symmetry of Self's symbol of the compass represents our role as a beacon, mentor and navigator to the clients willing to process the experiences that have left them lost or in pain.  We strive to help those suffering to manifest their inner warrior so that they may reclaim their lives and rise to new challenges.  We accomplish this by promoting the individual's ability to reconnect with and heal themselves through a safe environment, a strong alliance, and with the use of creative and evidence-based tools.  


Symmetry of Self Counseling Center's core values provide the foundation and framework for how our clients are cared for.  We uphold the client's need for partnership and trust, empower clients to find their voice through self-expression, promote innovative ways of approaching problems,  and provide responsive and respectful services, all while dedicating our time, space and attention to each individual.  


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