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Copy of A Mental Health Tracking Journal


A Mental Health Tracking Journal For In Between Sessions

The Therapy Sidekick is designed to help people in therapy track their progress, prioritize their needs, and remember their insights on a weekly basis. Created by a licensed professional counselor, The Therapy Sidekick is a tool meant to build mindfulness and develop one's inner intuition for an empowering boost to the therapeutic experience.


A Business Start-Up Journal to Compliment Your Coaching Sessions

Are you launching a small business and have enlisted the help of a business or entrepreneur coach? This journal is the perfect complement to your coaching sessions! Get help prioritizing your goals, managing your time and exploring your mental and emotional blocks! The Coaching Sidekick can bring clarity into your process and help you problem-solve your way to creating the business of your dreams!



De-Stigmatizing Mental Health One Artwork At a Time

The Couch From Here is a collection of 20 mixed media artwork pieces created to shed light on what happens in therapy. It is meant to start a conversation and promote the destigmatizing and awareness of mental health issues. This book is a profound peek into the many facets of human emotion and how expressive arts and other therapeutic interventions can help those suffering to find an outlet and a path for healing.